CANSLIM FUND not doing great is it?

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  1. actually the lesson you should take away from this is

    selling books make more money than trading
  2. my money manager uses bill o'neils strategies and since dec 07 i'm up 10%- dunno what crack this fund is using, must not be observing the 8% s/l on all positions to be down 15% ytd~ couldn't have stopped out twice.
  3. problem is Mutual Funds have to be 100% invested at all times and have to diversfiy massively. So that goes against his trading rules.

    I guess he's making a ton from management fees?
  4. no they dont. they are free to do whatever their charter lays out.
  5. The performance of the various CANSLIM followers is very highly dependent on whether they went to cash in 2008, or stayed invested in a CANSLIM-based basket of stocks.

    As best I can tell from weekly IBDs, CANSLIM itself -- without timing the broad market -- has been roughly market-perform versus a random basket of comparable stocks.
  6. I've done very well for over 10 ten years using research studies conducted by O'Neil + Co.

    The public use (by them) of their methods with fund management has had mixed results.

    Interestingly, some basic trading strategy rules I derived in 1998, along with their basic tenets, I've seen show up as their offerings that have evolved over the years.

    For instance, strict stop-loss methods are GREAT, as being effective in not only the bear market of 2000-2002, but the recent 50% slide of 2008.

    For me (at the time I had a LONG-only strategy) that meant cashing out and going into a "wait-and-see" mode, which SAVED TONS in losses!

    That was not the case for the IBD indexes or offerings. Now they can *only* state that they have "out-performed" over the years and not <i>trounced</i>.

    However, I have seen a backtested study by IBD that has uncovered this little gem and shows that a fund offering will now use this method (adjusting cash portion as the market dictates).

    Even still, during market uptrends the <b>can slim</b> method of stock picking is superior. Just keep losses to a minimum. CANGX probably needs to hold positions throughout all market periods so. . .

  7. yes I thought this was the case as well.... it's not the CANSLIM HEDGE FUND IS IT?
    CANGX probably needs to hold positions throughout all market periods so. . .
  8. oh come on anyone who was long during 08 was a fool! Either in cash or short was the only way to play it.
  9. wel lthe easiest way to make money in stocks without a doubt is:

    1) Wait for bull trend

    2) Go long a few of the leading high priced stocks. Cut losses. Let profits run.

    That's it! That'll beat 99% of "systems" out there.
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