Cans and should Obama replace Bernake

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Aaron Copland, May 13, 2008.

  1. He need to be the first to ge IMO.
  2. sprstpd


    Best thread title ever!
  3. We all can see the Fed behaves now like it's a member of the Cabinet... but wasn't the Fed originally supposed to (at least appear to be) "independent"? Not subject to change at the whim of politicians? At least not until the completion of an appointed term...
  4. It may be hard when Obama is sitting in jail , indicted for Chicago related corruption charges.
  5. sg20


    The question is can and should Obama be president of the United States, more than half still doubt that he can.

  6. sho-tim


    he can replace da dude, but what wit?

    Y'all can bets it will be with someone dat will bail out everthing an not Even makes a pretence dat he care a bit about inflatin.

    so if ya thinks berne is bad, we be gettin super berne from "da candidate who's middle name cain't be mentioned".
  7. maxpi


    Something just hit me today.... democracies always die by handing over all power to a dictator. Obama would be the guy that could talk the populace into that!! Democrats would not say a thing because he's their guy and he's a good enough speaker to talk Republicans into it!!
  8. How about with Opus, the puffin (or was he a penguin?), who wore a fruit hat.
  9. he would only be the front man for an Oligarchy. nothing new here... this has been an oligarchy for many years.