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    i thought IB was the cheapest commussion structure. but my statement does not state so. i buy 150 shares and commissioni s 1$. i buy 800 shares the commission is 4$.
    does that mean if i buy 2000 shares the commission is 10$, its a ripoff.

    copy of my statemtn is in this link. Note that MGI was charged 4$ per side.
  2. Bundled pricing is $0.005/share with a $1 minimum commission. Not a rip-off at all.
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    i find it tough to understand. what what level of trading should i choose between bundlign and unbundled commission structure. what is the threshold.
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    Don't forget there is a 'Maximum per order' which will prevent the commission from being larger than 0.5% of the trade value plus fees. This is good for those trading low dollar stocks. Imagine buying 1,000,000 shares of an OTC stock that is only $0.005 per share. The total trade value is only $5,000.00 and the 0.5% cap on commission keeps you from paying more than the trade is worth!

    Check here for details:

    I'd say it's a smokin deal!

    Dry :)