Cannot trade ZBH04 via IB TWS

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by chisel, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. chisel


    Anyone else having this problem? It must be due to the changeover from a/c/e to e-cbot.
  2. its because the CBOT is closed until friday am ?

  3. chisel


    According to this:

    the overnight screen is open. PLUS Qcharts has charted the ZB since the usual night's trading at 108 '29.

    I sent an e-mail to IB cust. service but I haven't heard from them yet.
  4. working fine for me
  5. looks like ZB / ZN / ZF are trading ....

    IB thinks that traders in USA will be able to trade

    these products after 12:45 - 1 am approx EST daily system reset
  6. Yes, you can obviously trade them now.
  7. traderob


    were problems. here is the bulletin
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  8. chisel


    It's working fine now. Thanks for the replies.
  9. I wonder if IB will change their "all inclusive" commissions for (E)CBOT contracts. Exchange fee for YM (mini-dow) is $0.30 (per side) lower than before. Now IB should not charge more than $2.10 (per side) for YM. Wasn´t there a rumor like "$2.06 per side" here on ET ?

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