Cannot trade CBOT or ECBOT on IB all day

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by stupididiot, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Under "Clearing" column on TWS states "Away". Try to place a trade on CBOT or ECBOT and it is rejected. A message pops up that states "No clearing rule found". I cannot even close existing open positions.

    I have had continuous problems trading CBOT futures with IB. And paying extra $55 per month for quotes is like salt in the wound. Looking to switch to MF Global for all commodity trading. Just waiting for the account to open and get capitalized.

    P.S. On hold on online chat for 30 minutes and counting to try to communicate with customer service. "An IB representative with be with you shortly." IB must have invented a new definition of "shortly".
  2. TOM134,

    I'm all for constructive criticism of IB, to help IB improve, because I am a happy customer and I benefit whenever IB can improve, and any broker can always improve. What is the purpose of your criticism? What do you hope to gain? It doesn't seem calculated to benefit anybody, except for competitors to IB.

    Why also do you attack individual employees?

    It is so easy to slander individuals, while hiding behind the anonymity of an electronic bulletin board. Do you have the courage to reveal your true full name, as the person responsible for these personal attacks?

    I didn't think so.
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    You are accessing a feature that was developed for hedge funds that clear portion of their business "away" from IB. The feature is relatively new.

    If you are a retail client (i.e. cleared by IB), you should not even have access to it.

    If you are a hedge fund, then your account manager should be guiding you through this.

    Please PM me your phone number so that I can have someone call you. (Also indicate what kind of client you are).