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  1. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I'm aware of the problem and have contacted the third party service that's causing this error. Hopefully they can be of assistance.
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  2. Handle123


    HUH, I can't do Search at this time, like it vanished, rebooted and no help, no error messages.
    Baron, 3rd party working on it or send you updates?

    Thank you.
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  3. zdreg


    same issue for last 2 days.
    Elite Trader - Error
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  4. zdreg


    it was a slow deterioration. 1st search didn't find a particular poster. now search function has disappeared completely.
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  5. S2007S


    Trying to search older forums but don't see the option available any longer, was it moved?
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  6. schweiz


    Depends of my VPN. I live everywhere and nowhere. I see that at this moment I live in Spain.
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  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    The issue is that we use a third party for indexing and search results. The third party is now forcing the use of https instead of the standard http, which means they now only support the secure and encrypted version of the protocol. That sounds great in theory but the problem is that our forum software in its current form doesn't support the use of https for communicating with the search server. That means the search function is completely broken, so I had to temporarily disable it yesterday afternoon.

    I contacted the forum software makers to see if they could provide a patch or fix for this, and they said they have no intention of doing that. Their only solution is to upgrade to a completely overhauled version of the entire forum software package that they just recently released. That version is so radically different that it would be like me starting the entire site over from scratch from a look and feel perspective. The upside is that it does support the https protocol for communicating with the search server. The downside is that there could be significant site downtime with an upgrade like that.

    Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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  8. vanzandt


    I know very little about this stuff... but don't some websites use Google for internal search? You see a "search powered by Google" button and I think its specific to that website, ie it doesn't search outside. I could be wrong... probably am. You'd already know that I'm sure.
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  9. zdreg


    anybody can do a google search and limit results to a particular website. there are other search engines that may give better results than google.
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  10. zdreg


    can you find another 3rd party to handle indexing and search result? I am sure you were already looking,
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