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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hjkl, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. hjkl


    I have downloaded the MarketDelta programme for IB, but it cannot be installed. The .msi file is not recognised. Does anyone know what the problem is? Cheers.
  2. greeks


    I don't use IB but using MD with eSignal. Don't have any problem. MD's support is superb. Just ask them.
  3. Join the party. I was in your shoes a year or so ago. Wanted to
    take a look at it. Never did get it to work with IB...

    Support couldn't help much either. And I was talkin' to the big guy.

    Good luck. Maybe they have it figured out by now.
  4. Be aware that because IB's data is NOT tick by tick, Market Delta will not be 100% accurate. I realize this has nothing to do with your install problem, but frankly I wouldn't think about using MD without a tick by tick feed. I know, I helped develop some of the ideas that went into MD.
  5. tharnett


    If you are getting corrupt .msi files errors, delete the file and go to the MarketDelta website and click 'Downloads' on the left side of the screen. Install the download and try to connect.
    If you are still having problems getting MarketDelta to install or connect, please contact or call 1.312.602.2779.

    Make a great day,
  6. Interesting that you say this about IB's data. Isn't Globex kind of
    aggregating it's data in some way nowdays anyway?

    With the IB data that comes into QuoteTracker for instance, the
    time and sales show the trades coming in as being a sale on the
    bid or ask which makes me wonder if this is correct or not as IB is
    aggregating it's data. So how could IB be aggregating it's data in
    such a way as to have the trades look like some of them are going
    off on the bid and some of them going off on the ask?

    And the guys at QuoteTracker state that they themselves aggregate
    the data further that comes into QT also...

    Which is obvious if you compare the charting between QT, Ensign
    and Sierra. Probably true for other IB charting packages as well...

    P.S. What would happen if a trade came in (like a bad spike with eSignal
    for instance). What would MarketDelta do with such a trade?

    Does MD have a spike filter?
  7. version77,

    I believe you're comments are spot on. Especially about the aggregation of trades from CME. I spent 2 solid years, full time, trying to develop a consistent methodology to use bid/ask data and my conclusion was it's not practical to do. The basis for my statement is simply that I have found a way using price only to provide the same data as all the sophisticated analysis of volume. For me, it's just not necessary. Now, if someone could prove to me exactly how any given software functions, get absolutely straight info on how a given data feed works, have the exchange guarantee what they say is what they do, and then have a rock solid promise that all of this would actually happen, then sure, I'd be delighted to use volume.

    Of course, that's not going to happen. In the end, it's all about making money. I found I could make a lot more money by simplifying, not complicating.