Cannot connect to IB. HK Server

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by eveningtrader, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Anyone has this problem? I have been trying to connect all night today, and wasn't able too.

    This error is shown on the log:

    XF 00:21:11:492 JTS-Login-4: Connecting port=4001 ssl=true timeout=0
    XF 00:21:32:492 JTS-Login-4: Error: creating socket failed - Connection timed out: connect
    XF 00:21:32:492 JTS-Login-4: NextConnectTime: 00:21:10:632 base=2590000 range = 20000

    I tried it on multiple computers, and same version.

    I was able to login fine this morning and afternoon, just cannot login now.

    The only thing that was change was I activated the secure transaction program.
  2. Hello,

    Has been fine all day here for me. I'm not using their 'security' features.

    My best regards,
  3. I received email from IB said it's mandatory or else some of the "features" will be disabled.
  4. Ok - I have received no such email.