Cannabis - A Wonder Drug?

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  1. I just finished watching Super High Me.

    Basically its about a comedian that has smoked weed everyday for 15 years decides to go without smoking for 30 days and then decides to smoke as much weed as possible for 30 days to see the effects.

    Now I was thinking all that weed would do some serious damage - but there was no damage done at all. He did put on a few pounds (from the munchies I guess), but that was about it.

    I surprised that with weed unlike almost any other drug:

    * Its impossible to overdose.
    * There are no withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it.
    * There are no adverse side effects at all and it can actually be used as medicine to treat a variety of illnesses.
  2. , there are withdrawal symptoms,, mental dependence issues, sleep issues, and steroids are used medically, and for other uses.

    plus 90% of the pot heads i know are dumb while high, like talking to a brick wall,
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    The social and legal issues of decriminalization are certainly interesting topics. What is it about reality that is so terrible that people need to escape it through drug use? Getting high all the time doesn't address the issue of what is so terribly wrong to begin with?

    In my experience working with high school students for the past ten years weed is often the gateway to other drugs.

    I'm sure there are many who stick just to weed but it can lead to other problems.
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    The same could be said of booze too. I don't know of anyone who's progress basically was not as follows, booze (and maybe cigarettes) and then pot. The majority, even serious potheads pretty much stopped there, but those that did not then moved on to meth and or oxy...mostly meth.
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    A much more interesting topic would be smoking weed while trading. Anybody has experience with it? Would that make one careless or just more relaxed??
  6. The guy in Super High Me used a vaporizer when he was smoking everyday for 30 days. Using a vaporizer delivers the THC but almost eliminates the toxic compounds and irritants that burning cannabis creates.
  7. Thank you.

    Alcoholism is a major disease in America, and the number of accidents and deaths due to drunk driving (even in this day and age) are simply phenomenal.
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  9. You might find the book "Reefer Madness" to be interesting. It was written by the same guy who wrote "Fast Food Nation." The illegalization of drugs in the US has always had more to do with politics and race than it has to do with health. Opium was originally made illegal in San Francisco as a form of persecution against the chinese who were starting to settle the area. The illegalization of marijuana was originally a form of persecution against mexicans who were starting to migrate into the southern states.

    Yet alcohol is a much more harmful drug but remains legal. Why? Politics and power.

    For the record, I don't smoke, drink, or do any drugs besides an occasional over the counter sleep aid, but I find the anti-drug war we have in this country to be illogical and another example of political corruption. Not to mention the gullibility of the american public in the face of the propaganda machine that is the media.
  10. Why do any drugs? Why drink? Its indicative of a lack of coping skill.

    How do you expect to ever make any money trading when you can't even cope with reality unless drunk or high?

    If you can't stop drugs, drinking then the odds are your not mentally stable enough to trade.
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