Candy OTC options.

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  1. I thought for halloween to teach kids about options and investing that instead of giving out candies I would hand out Candy LEAP call options instead. (Physical certificate)

    (naked short snickers call options)

    They will be Jan,15 2011 Options with a strike price of DOW 11000

    If the dow reaches 11,000 its ATM and they get 1 small snickers bar

    But the deeper in the money they get more snickers.

    Dow 15K means I would give them 5 full size snickers bars since it has intrinsic value.

    I could imagine a secondary market might form and the kids would trade them amongst each other for some cash value.

    That way if the economy sucks, I end up winning since I do not have to spend money on candies. Although I end up with unlimited risk if there is a big rally and I end up having to buy a shit load of snickers to cover my obligation to the kids holding these long snickers call options.
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    ha ha

    post your address and I'll get my costume ready
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    You would also carry the risk of not being able to deliver if they discontinue snickers production. :D
    To hedge that I would specify that any candy bar can be delivered or if you wanna be specific then list the candy bars that are acceptable. Sort of like cheapest to deliver candy. :)