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Discussion in 'Politics' started by rs7, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. rs7


    We have had polls about practically everything. Who was going to pass Don Bright in number of posts. Is torture justified. The gamut has been run. Everything imaginable seems to have a poll associated with it lately.

    If it were up to the members of ET, the world would have all the answers. We would know what religions are good and bad. What politicians should be running things. If Max should be in a straightjacket. If Vinny should stay or go.

    So from the most important to the most trivial, our polls would have all the answers.

    Seeing "Brother" Candles latest poll, about whether it should be mandatory, optional, or whatever to address each other as "Brother" or Brethren" has gotten me to thinking......

    Maybe we need a new layout on the home page. A listing of top pollsters....right there beside the list of who has contributed the most posts (a rough thing to does an eloquent essay by Darkhorse count exactly as much as a simple "LOL" from GordonGekko?......Anyway, the question occurred to me...perhaps Candle should get some recognition for having created the most polls. Or has he? Maybe this is just a recent kick and I am not aware of previous Gallup and Harris wannabes.

    And if some new young gun comes along and tries to de-throne Candle (or whoever the true reigning champ is (ala Nitro knocking off the once seemingly invincible Don B., and defying the morning line favorite to do it, Chasinfla), then this "Brother" should too get recognition.

    So I submit, my Brethren, that we have a poll on the pollsters. Should they be recognized? Given some special title (wasn't there a poll on even this once not so long ago regarding number of posts....Super Elite or something like that?)

    So, my Brothers (and Sisters of course), what say we?

    Vote early. Vote often (yeah, FPC and PUBLIAS)..."often" is meaningful, and very effective. Kept Richard Daley in the mayor's office forever in Chicago. "Gonzo" politics?

    Your Fraternal Friend,
    The Ever Peaceful,
  2. rs7


    wow, so far 100% voted that this sets a new low as a thread. (wonder who's vote that was?)

    too early to call a winner though.

    still counting chads in Palm Beach probably.

  3. marcD


    Yes, very close vote. Not unanimous. But close.

    Pretty funny poll. Why not a poll on funniest polls next?

  4. LOL hehehehe. LMAO

    GG's Mom
  5. ROFLMAO.... :D :D :D
  6. I amuse you? You think I'm funny? Funny how? Like a clown?

    Look pal, just because I am walking around with a seeing eye dog, gives you no reason to laugh at me.

    You laugh at all challenged persons? Not that I need a seeing eye dog. My vision is quite fine. I just like the know, dark glasses, white cane. People give me a lot of room if you know what I mean. Works great in the subways. Don't have to be close to all those nasty smelling people.

    Hehehehe. LOL.

    Behave yourself young man! Go make up another poll. Do something useful and leave the "ROFLMAO's" to my little boy. OK?

    GG's Mom
  7. rs7


    hey candletrader,

    got a great idea for a new poll for you.

    is the use of "trading jargon" important? is it a matter of being accurate? or just fashionable?

    if you meant to say "buy" when you said "sell", well then of course it matters.

    but what about the less crucial terms?

    one guy whose name i won't mention always says he's "covering his longs" rather than "selling" them.

    so does it matter that Optional777 is using the wrong term constantly?

  8. I think this is a GREAT idea. But we would need a committee or something just to nominate candidates to be in the poll of funniest polls.

    I am getting a little dizzy thinking about what a daunting task this would be.

    My only suggestion is get these moderators to do something useful and scour all the old polls, have a poll among themselves to narrow down the candidates to a manageable number so then a final poll of funny polls could be posted.

    Candletrader of course would have to actually start the thread, and have an opening monologue about it in the first post.

    Be like the Academy Awards....a real extravaganza!

    Anyway, since I like this idea so much, it will probably never happen, But it will be a missed opportunity!

    Take it Slow My Brethren,
    SPC :D :D
  9. I missed this. Funnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

    Oh my Brother RS, I used to think you were a dick when you chased off SuperEgo, but you do make me laugh. You are ok.

    Take it Slow, Brethren,
    SPC:D :D
  10. ROFL!!
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