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  1. This was intended to be a reply in a thread that is now deleted. :(

    Hey candletrader, you can say whatever you want. I have no problem with that. However, if you're going to spew anti-American nonsense on an American message board, just expect to be called out for what you are. This is an American site with many Americans on it.

    Our country is going through a tough time right now and we have our soldiers in harm's way. I personally have friends who are serving right now. Your anti-American bullsh!t is quite annoying. And not only is it annoying, the way you speak to others with such arrogance is sad.

    If you're going to question what the USA is doing, at least provide a worthwhile alternative solution. The USA isn't perfect, but who is? If France got invaded tomorrow, who do you think would be there to help them? That's right, the United States. So go ahead and keep bitching about America and how bad we are. I know, I know, it's all about oil. YOU'RE the one who needs to see with your eyes open.

  2. right on!! hey- if you don't like our country, there are plenty of 3rd world countries that you can go live in, buddy. The USA may have flaws, but it is still the greatest nation on earth. I am proud to be an american and i fully support our efforts to eradicate terrorist threats. The sooner we send in the troops and start the bombing, the better.
  3. AFRAID OF THE TRUTH, EH?????!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:

  4. Damn it, just can't leave things alone can you?! My original post had a few swears in it which are mysteriously absent now. If you're going to edit out swears, at least edit EVERYONE'S swearing and put [explitive deleted] or something. I put those words to express my emotion. Now it is empty thanks to your quest to moderate absolutely anything you can. :mad:


    ps If you delete this post, like you did my other one, I will just put it in Feedback where you can't get your hands on it. I already have it saved.

    pps Can you tell me what makes a WORD bad anyway?!?! It's just a word!!!! Get with the times! :mad: Talk about an old fashioned concept that needs to be done away with.... Why are swears bad words?!?!?!?!?! I didn't know this site was rated PG-13. :confused:
  5. Babak


    Well now you know. And you know what GI Joe said about that. If you see someone using 'colourful' language you can always use the kill function to let the mods know about it.
  6. Go play with your GI Joes and stop over-moderating. :mad: You obviously need a hobby.

  7. Leave Brother Babak alone, you sticky, sweet-flavored Fruity Pebble...
  8. Oh the standard is pg13?? OK I'll let you know each time 777 posts one of his obscene pics or jokes.
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    if you don't like his humour then please put him on ignore. You obviously know what his posts are going to be about (!!)

    I differentiate between swearing/insults and a picture of a really fat woman in a small bikini. I think 99% of people here do also. If they didn't then I would be getting a heck of a lot more complaints about Optional.

    And I'm not.

    ps as well there are WARNINGS on his adult oriented posts so if you click on an attachment after reading that're on your own.

    Also note that GG made fun of my warning in the next as you can see opinions vary on the board re what is and what isn't too far. I just try to make the majority happy. Because sure as hell it is not possible to make EVERYONE happy.
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