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  1. Have just gotten into CandleStick Stock Trading and it has been profitable so far.Been a Chartist for 30 years with mixed results.Any comments on this would be helpful.Always learning.Thanks.:cool:
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    Do you simply mean using candlesticks instead of bars, or are you using a particular system called "Candlestick Stock Trading"? :confused:
  3. At the moment I have been following what Pristene sends in free weekly with candlestick chart.I do not buy programs from them,too expensive. :cool:
  4. Here's two[2] that seem to work 51% of the time or more;thats opinion not advice.Observe ,3/26 /o2, VTSS , first hour candle in regular market hours.That's a classic bottom tail.Lives its nickname,tail points to the bottom.''Spin it and win'' it for topping tail.[5 day candlechart]
  5. Klassykat,

    I followed the Pristine candle stick for a while now, and I think it works well. 3 to 5 down days, a long down tail with hi volume, go long the next day when price crosses over the previous day hi, isn't it? (the opposite for shorts). I like it because it gives you a good profit/loss ratio.

    However, if you're like me, who recieve their free weekly email on the Tuesday, be careful, because the paid members recieved it on Monday (I guest).... it may be a bit too late for you and me.

    If you daytrade, you may look into their free 2 weeks trial subscription in their chat forum... I don't know if they still have the offers... or you could go to one of their free seminars, and they'll give you the offer. That was how I got mine. I had a few friends who took their paid course (and please don't sign up for the 'personnal course', it's $$$$$$$!!!!), they all liked it, but if they are more profitable, I don't know.

    Cheers ! :p
  6. Thanks.I tried to get Pristine weekly Mon.It states doesn't come out until Tues and works fine then.I have more problems getting out and leaving lot of profit on table,but I always have that trouble.I think a basic problem of we short term traders is seeing a profit and not wanting to lose it.This method seems to find entrance and exit better.BBBY went up last week,earnings come out Mon,but I knew with long weekend,I was leaving noon Thur people would grab profits,so I got out near peak on Candlesticks and common sense!
  7. Hmmm, pristine pristine prisine.......
  8. I like to use candlesticks that suggest indecision days, when found near important support and resistance levels looking closer at the intraday chart can line you up for a nice breakout.
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    so you like free stuff :) , this site offer 30 days trial and free daily & weekly recomm after trial