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    Hello world..,
    first i want to introduce myself. I'm a nearly 19 year old student from Germany, who's doing his high school diploma next year. Since 2006 i'm engaged with trading, and thought that i knew nearly everything on candlesticks (after having read Nisons books and repeatedly watching his seminar-DVDs). When i began reading through NihabaAshi's hammer-threat i soon recognized how little i actually knew. What i want to know is if there're other threats on candlestick patterns like the engulfings, DDC/Piercing pattern ..?
    If not what about starting one, where seniors (like Nihaba) can every once a while provide their understanding and how they approach these patterns. I think this would be so helpful for the more novice "traders).
    Looking forward to some comments.
    Greetings jaken
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    Yes ,context is even more important than candles[bull or bear context]:cool: Wisdom is profitable to direct.:cool:
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    yea nkhoi, i already heard of this button ...
    I already searched for those subjects...
    AND i already started a new thread, because the threads which handle with other candle patterns don't handle them as much as the hammer thread its hammer does. This thread was just intended to set up some rules for e.g engulfing or doji (like it was done in the hammer thread).
  5. There's definetly an interest for such but the problem is that its not a strong enough interest to prompt someone to start such a thread.

    It basically comes down to someone starting a thread in asking others to reveal what they are doing...

    Less interest of an interest for other traders that use Japanese Candlestick patterns and those types of threads I myself tend to ignore.

    However, if someone starts a thread on a particular type of candlestick pattern and then reveals exactly how they have been trading it regardless if their results are bad or good...

    I like to participate in threads like that because the interaction is more of a two way street.

    By the way, this is also a problem with many other threads at ET that have absolutely nothing to with candlesticks.

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  6. thanks. this was helpful for a novice like me as well.