Candlestick Guru WAR!

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  1. I noticed that and don't refer to each other as resources. Has anyone read both their works and compared them?

    Are Steve Nison and Stephen Bigelow at war?

    I'm curious to know what their differences are...

  2. Nison is said to be the the first person to bring candlestick patterns to the west. Its the traditional hammers, gravestones, etc.

    I believe bigalow uses some of those patterns as well as some as he has come up with. I cant think of what he uses off the top of my head though.

    I think Nison doesn't buy into bigalow's, or anyone else's for that matter, because traditional candlestick patterns have been around much much longer. But Nison was the first person to publish a book with all the common names, so bigalow does buy into Nison's stuff.

    Are they feuding, I really dont think so. They just offer a different prospective. Bigge and Tupac was a feud, Nison and Bigalow is not.:eek:
  3. Bigalow is a trader, Nison is not. Biglow's book is excellent and gives an in depth understanding of what is going on in the mind and emotion as represented by the candlestick/pattern. All the important formations are discussed in detail.

    Nison also gives an excellent explanation of the formations, but he is telling you what the trader told him. Bigalow is the trader telling what he sees.

    Bigalow's website shows the trades he recommends. But the truth is you can pick up all you will ever need for free on the internet - the cat is out of the bag now.
  4. I have books by both and I found that Nison's were much better better then bigalows. Just my opinion though. Like its been said earlier, if you look enough you can find all on the internet. If you do decide to get the books check ebay before any other source. You can usually find some good deals on there for this type of stuff.
  5. I saw them recently at a martial arts demonstration. Both are into Karate.

    During the demonstration, Mr. Nison lost his temper and started to karate chop Bigelow. Bigelow returned fire, landing several good kicks on Nison. There was a lot of screaming "you motherfucker" and "I will kill you, you hosebag" also some
    "eeiyah's" as they pummeled each other. Several people came in to restrain both men. it ended with both guys (of surprisingly small stature) being carried out while screaming epithets and giving each other the finger.

    I stayed to watch two 55 year old grandmothers kick each others ass in the open competition. It was brutal. I didn't realize it but they let grandmothers carry wooden spoons into the ring as weapons. Quite a bit of hair pulling and the phrase "You fat bitch" was used frequently. As I understand it, it was a "grudge" match...I thought they looked familiar, and later on I learned it was Paula Deen and Martha Stewart from the food network.

  6. steve46:

    I would have LOVED to seen that match.

    Not the grandma match though. Too cruel for this holiday season.

    In the end, Did Nison or Bigelow get in the best hits?

  7. Steve46 - is there a video/dvd available?