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  1. Has anyone ever seen such a formation???
  2. ER9


    yep in futures usually after normal trading hours when theres not much happening.
  3. Sashe


    It's a daily chart, what after hours?
  4. It's a daily chart...daily bars..
    3 straight indecisive bars...
    It's January Orange Juice...

    I've just never seen this before, wondering if anyone else has some pattern recognition...
  5. You see that occassionally in forex, like once every 3 million times....if I was you i would treat it like three black crows....meaning.....I have no clue. Although there is such terminology.

    My advise, scale out on the time frame make those three bars into one and it will be..........a hanging man/doji depends on how you look at as one.:)

  6. Whatever it is, 185 here we come! :D
  7. I think you should quickly name it and patent it. You know, kind
    of like how Joe Ross did with his Ross hook. You could be famous like Joe.

    And write numerous books and give seminars on it...:p
  8. I'll call it the triple uncircumcised cocks - it precedes a serious gangbanging...
  9. IMHO, No clue what the candles are suppose to say but Jan. OJ should challenge 193.50 then 192.60. If those are taken out we should see 190.50 & 189.25 violated. There is still a gap from 165.00 to fill if you believe is those things.
  10. ER9


    after hours future markets, usually right after regular trading hours (9:30-4:30) and for a couple hours after that, theres no liquidity and basically not much trading. at those times it will form candle patterns like that.

    that stock from a glance at price action candlesticks doesn't look very liquid or active at times. sorry i should of explained a bit better.
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