Candles vs Vol Charts... Same signals!

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  1. I have been looking over candles vs vol charts... With the market trading with mid volatility there is ZERO difference in the signals and patterns...

    Vol and tick charts are superior in very high volume/high volatility moves, and very low volume low volatility drift.
  2. And, here is a vol chart...

    Same exact divergence signals... But, vol charts can be a great deal more confusing at times...
  3. After thorough analysis I have decided I prefer VoL for timing, and time for longer term analysis...

    VoL is also the best chart type to use for short term wave counts...

    But honestly, most of the time there is no differences between the signals on time vs vol charts. All the same divergences and trade setups...
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  4. Do you have one method you focus on or are you still in your never ending search for the grail?

    Just curious.
  5. Nah, I already found the holy grail. Buy red, sell green, within uptrends...

  6. LoL... Just screwing with ya. I actually kinda do have a holy grail indicator that keeps me out of trouble. Custom internals. ;)

    Once a valid uptrend is confirmed across hourly/vol,etc... Just buy red, sell green! Free money.

    Kinda sucks that the market won't be in a bull market for months and months... Bear market rallies are few and far between, and they only last a few weeks at most.

    Below is a sim backtest run on a hourly divergent key reversal. The strategy is solidly backtested and I trade it with my live account too.
  7. The strategy takes some real patience which most people do not have... Hourly reversals off of support, or off of a dip in an uptrend are not an everyday thing...

    And, you only have a few hours to capitalize on it usually... Unless internals continue to be very strong.
  8. My exact reasons for long only trading are that there are usually not structured wave counts in downtrends...

    Look a this uptrend... Most uptrends have proper wave counts.

    Too bad I didn't wake up early enough to trade that day...
  9. Now look at this downtrend... There is a total lack of any kind of visible wave structure...

    This is why I simply don't trade short... There are NO proper short term trade setups most of the time!!!

    During long term rallies you will see reliable waveforms that repeat for months on even an hourly chart!

    Everyone is buying dips during rallies so it makes sense that the same upward patterns just repeat over and over.
  10. Reason I asked ... just seems like you are flip flopping a lot with some instruments and different ideas of what works best. Which is your most profitable instrument to trade if any?

    'Switching to the NQ...'

    "I was just looking over charts and holy crap... Fills are so much easier on the NQ."

    "Grrr... I don't care for the NQ. Rippy mother."

    "Switched back to the ES and nailed a couple, then played the TF through lunch into late day and just nailed it trade after trade..."

    "The TF is in my opinion one of the most proper futures. It does what it's supposed to."
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