CandlePower 6 by ChartandScan

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried this software?
    CandlePower 6 Plus by
    Any opinions would be appreciated. thnks.
  2. nkhoi


    Automatic Candle Pattern recognition software that works with almost any data format! CandlePower 6 is a stand alone end-of-day technical analysis program. There are many different formats and sources for data. The program is compatible with most of the major formats, including MetaStock, AIQ, SuperCharts, TC2000 (Version 3, 4. 5), and many ASCII (text file) formats such as 123 PRN or Excel files...

    it is EOD scanning tool, is that what you looking for?
  3. Yes I do most of my analysis EOD, do you use it (like it)?
  4. i glanced at the chart, it looks like almost all the signals given are wrong...... LOL ! maybe i am interpreting it wrong ?

  5. You have to believe in TA to be able to see it. lol j/k

  6. LOL ! geez, i thought it would do the work for you !

  7. Marketsurfer,

    Just look at the one horizontal area marked candles. you will see the arrow and its right on.

    Michael B.