Candle Stick Charts

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  1. Candle Stock Charts

    I have been experimenting with them. I do not commit alot of capital to these trades, as I am not comfortable with them yet.

    I have been told not to use them exclusively.

    A. Any pro's and con's?

    B. What other studies compliment them well?

    Brendan P. Byrne
  2. Redneck


    You are going to get 9 million different philosophies and responses

    The simple answer – use what fits your eye - period….. no matter it a candlestick chart, a line chart, or a bar chart…

    Hell some don’t even use a chart… :eek:


  3. I primarily use OHLC charts and trade with the trend and market. I dabble with Candle Setups. I just use them when there is an absolute run away stock or collapse. I use them as an indication that a stock has stopped going up, or down.
  4. There's a difference between using candlestick charts versus using Japanese Candlestick patterns. Also, most traders that use candlestick charts are not using Japanese Candlestick patterns.

    By the way, there's already like +30 threads on this topic. :D

    Combine them with anything that deals with supply/demand analysis and you'll increase the reliability of Japanese Candlestick patterns assuming you have a good understanding of supply/demand.

  5. I personally find that candles improve my timing and patience substantially. I have congested bars, regular bars, and candlesticks for each chart I monitor. They are particularly useful for swing trading, at least from my experience.