Candle Patterns on Range Charts

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  1. Hi guys,

    I recently came across range charts used them for a while and got a very good impression of them. Then I tried to find more information on them, found some historical info on them and such but I haven't been able to find any material on applied technical analysis of these charts.

    Does anyone know of any research on candle formations for range charts? or something similar?

  2. no such thing.

    range bars are all the same size.
    you pick the size

    there are no candle formations.




    Greetings E,

    I use Constant Range Charts, and have been using them for a few years now. And from what I have learned, the efficacy of the Classical Chart Patterns remains the same whether you are using CR charts or any other type of charts for that matter. At least that is what Thomas Bulkowski relates to in his book; The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns.

    I find that the CR charts do have certain unique advantages over other charts when it comes to clarity and risk control, especially when used in Multiple Time Frame Analysis. And I have also found that, when used in conjunction with a HTF Time Based chart in MTFA, in other words, a Minute Time Based HTF chart with a definitive range tailored LTF CR chart, their trading utility is significantly enhanced. In this case, I use the LTF CR chart to "see inside" the structure of the HTF minute chart. But from what I know, there are no special or unique CR pattern sets unique to CR charts, other than the Classical ones.

    But if you happen to find something in your searching........please let me know for sure!

  4. Of course there are candles set ups in range bars just as in constant volume. Treat them exactly the same as any other candle pattern. There are nuances with range charts that don't appear in other charts but that is outside of the scope of candle signals.

    Just do your standard TA thingy on them.
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    i am posting up a 3 pip range bar pic , show me an engulfing bar candle.

    please advise.


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  6. I suppose you wouldn't have an engulfing bar if they are all 3 pips.

    But actually I had a question -- what is the alternating red-blue bars?
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    not a 3 pip , 8 pip , 16 pip or 100 pip bar.

    nada candle patterns ..........ever.

    you have no idea what a range bar is.

  8. Is that the only one you think is missing? Tell ya what. Read this and then see if you still need my help finding engulfing :)

    (Hint: read the formula)
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    those are " time based bars " you idiot.

    re read the first post in the thread.

  10. Ah, so when a body engulfs in a range bar it doesn't count because it is a range bar!

    That's a new one. I suppose a hammer isn't a hammer either?

    Can you see the candles or are you just obsessed with the term range?
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