candle continuation patterns

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  1. Well coming off the pretty good hammers reversal thread, it's high
    time to discuss candlestick continuation patterns.
    I have zero knowledge in the area, perhaps someone could name a few, I could check 'em out and post the results.

    These could be for intraday or for the daily charts.


    I'll bet it keeps going...
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  5. peterfigliozzi,

    Intraday candlestick patterns cause the most problems for traders especially when trading the Eminis.

    I usually avoid them because I don't like chasing prices via candlestick analysis.

    They easily can get you stuck in chop, take out your stops for losses in those infamous Emini wiggles...

    whatever continuation patterns you choose to test or trade...bullish or bearish...

    if I were going to trade via such...

    I would concentrate on those that produce wide range candlestick as part of the pattern to increase the odds for follow through...

    especially those that do so without making new intraday highs nor new intraday lows when the candlestick pattern is complete.

    Hint: That's a tip you will not find in candlestick books.

  6. Clarification...I meant intraday continuation candlestick patterns cause the most problems for traders especially when trading the eminis.

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  8. jjordan,

    I see you posting all over the place...many of those times I don't understand what your trying to display with your graphs...

    graphs that are sometimes difficult to read.

    My point is this...

    this thread was started about continuation candlestick patterns.

    Can you tell us what continuation candlestick pattern is in that PCLN chart you posted?

    Even better...can you re-post a clearer chart with an error pointing to the continuation candlestick pattern?

    In the mean time...I'm going to open up my own PCLN chart to look for any continuation candlestick patterns...

    if I find one...I'll post a clear annotated chart and point it out for you.

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    Hi NihabaAshi,

    You don't think gaps are continuation patterns? I'm
    sorry you don't see other candlestick patterns that suggest
    a continuation? I see nothing wrong with that PCLN chart? Lighten-up?

    Here's another continuation candles...see patterns?

    No's silly. I'm sorry you object to my posting of charts.....I like to do it. I'll be happy to view your PCLN chart.


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