Candidate-veteran attacks Bush on Iraq

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  1. Candidate-veteran attacks Bush on Iraq
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    30 September, 2006

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    By DENNIS CONRAD, Associated Press Writer 25 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON - An Illinois congressional candidate who lost both her legs during combat in Iraq said Saturday that President Bush has no real strategy for securing the war-ravaged nation, just political talk designed to appeal to voters.

    Duckworth‘s address served as a response to the president‘s weekly radio talk and gave the Democratic Party a chance to showcase one of its strongest candidates as it seeks to regain control of the House in November‘s elections.

    "Well, I didn‘t cut and run, Mr. President. Like so many others, I proudly fought and sacrificed," Duckworth said. "My helicopter was shot down long after you proclaimed ‘mission accomplished.‘"

    Duckworth is seeking the suburb, , ). She is running against Illinois state Sen. Peter Roskam, the man Hyde has endorsed.

    "We need a Congress that will ask the tough questions and work together for solutions rather than attacking the patriotism of those who disagree," she said. "It is time to encourage Iraqi leaders to take control of their own county and make the tough choices that will stop the civil war and stabilize the country."
  2. While I admire her guts and determination, losing ones legs and having a poor opinion of the Bush administration are hardly qualifications for political office. Just the cold hard truth. We Democrats need better candidates than this to win elections. A plan of action would be nice as well. One that spells it out clear. Something like this. We win back the congress and senate and we'll have the troops home by springtime, 07. The war was a colassal fuck up and it ain't our fault the dimwit in the White House couldn't execute. The war is lost and we'll do the best we can to unfuck the mid-east chaos that will surely follow our exit. Again, we didn't create this mess, we're just the ones stuck with trying to fix it. Or, you can continue to buy the bullshit that comes out of the White House in which case we will be the first to say, we told you so, as the mess gets bigger. We will happily rub your dumb fucking noses in it for years to come. Take your head out of your asses, or deal with the consequences of being an idiot.
    Something like that!
  3. And before any of you jump up and say there another pussy cut and run Dem, know this. I'd fully support a full scale nuke attack against the entire mideast if they can't control themselves after we leave. We let it play our for a few months and see just how fucking crazy they get. If they just can't dial it down then we start killing them by the millions and we keep fucking killing them until they get it through their thick fucking skulls we ain't playin' this shit anymore.
    That's my rant for the day and I must say it felt good.
  4. Captain, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your posts.

    Please stick around! :)
  5. This should make it onto the list for "top 10 posts of the year".