Candidate Paul to abolish five federal departments

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  1. Energy, Commerce, Interior, Education, and Housing and Urban Development.

    The plan, authored by Paul’s campaign staff at his direction, promises to restore the federal government to its former Constitutionally-limited, smaller-government and less-burdensome place. The plan cuts $1 trillion in federal spending during the first year of a Paul Presidency and delivers a balanced budget in year three of a Paul Presidency.‘plan-to-restore-america’/
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    It would be a great start to both balancing the budget and reducing the intrusive over reach of federal government. But can he do it without the consent of those incompetent crooks in congress?
  3. If America elects Ron Paul, it will signify a massive public shift away from the status quo. As brain dead as most of Congress is, they would take note of this shift.
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    If he would run on a platform to abolish the Presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives I would probably support him.
  5. The only sane choice. Everyone else is practically retarded.
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    Max E.

    Its definitely a good plan, but he forgot the EPA.

    This whole OWS movement might be the only chance that a guy like Ron Paul has at being elected, if he can just get the resources necessary, to shift the debate a little bit, to where it should be which is the governments involvement in the whole mess.

    Bottom line is i think he is simply far to principled to do what he needs to get elected then change things from the inside, he wont even bend a bit on his most unpopular stances, which is what i love about him, but sadly it is also what will keep him from being elected.

  7. of course anyone smarter than a fifth grader should know that the president cant do any of those things. he can ask congress to do it but both the house and the senate would have to agree to do it and since senate legislation can now be stopped by a filibuster it aint going to happen.
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    Max E.

    It is a high probability that Republicans will control both houses after 2012, so if they win the presidency they have the votes, provided liberals dont veto it in support of these ridiculous bureaucracies.

    If you go through them 1 by 1 not a single one of these stupid government agencies has served its purpose, or continues to serve its purpose, they are all perfect examples of how the government starts off small, and well intentioned, and then goes viral and turns into a bunch of useless bureaucratic paper pushers, who dont even know what their original goal was.

    As a liberal who supports these agencies can you give me a good reason we should keep them around?
  9. and President Paul would veto every bill that comes his way too...and I mean every one...if they don't work with him...
  10. You are stuck in conventional thinking as recent corrupted presidents we had in past 20 years were just complimenting equally corrupted congress.
    Honest , maverick president could expose all those crooks in congress via his cable channel, web page etc. if they would try to sabotage him
    They would work with him, no problem
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