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  1. OK, now that our buddy Ivan kicked one of the joke threads to the curb, lets liven this joint up with a new thread to fill it's spot.

    This thread is dedicated to the candid camera, and every has one these days. If you happen to see something worth posting, whip out the phone cam and snap away.

    Try not to get your ass whiped or arrested, put your device on silent. So we don't get in trouble no direct face pics, and of course no minors.

    I'll start it out, I bagged this young MILF pic at the local Walmart looking for a fathers day card. Enjoy you horny bastards, and post away!!

    Allen Rennick Funt out:cool:

  2. :cool:

    Mod, can you fix the "a" in the thread title to upper case.

  3. :cool:

    This Phat Mama was buying beer and cigars, so she's legal.

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    Bars on the window? Where do you live? South Central LA?
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    Rennick Schweinsteiger, there is something wrong with you, but please continue.:D
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    yeah, starts with the letter 'p'.
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  8. r
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    before thing getting out of hand i just meant 'p' is for piss poor camera, ahem!
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