Candid Camera

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  1. OK Fellas,

    I'm tired of hearing that ET is washed up. We just need to liven things up, so I grabbed the I phone and headed into town. I snapped a pic of this hottie stacking eggs at my local Walmart. That's right Fellas, be an ET pervarazzi and post the snapshots here. Make sure your phone is on mute, good way to get slapped when she hears the picture snap.

    Try not to show the face, Baron might get in trouble.

    Allen Rennick Funt out:cool:
  2. Here it is.


  3. Tight white pant's in a blurry shot always do it for me.

    Oh, yeah...
    Of course, if she has a face like a bucketfull of smashed crab's, then, I guess she can keep stacking her eggs.

    Call me shallow, but there it is.:D
  4. Face wasnt bad, I'm seriously thinking about throwing the wife under the bus. I feel young , alive again... Damn this bottle of Cutty is going fast, 3 fingers at a time.

  5. Cmon ETers,
    Lets get this thread rolling
    Get out there and shoot some hotties, post em here. I'm hunting ghetto booties today.

    Rennick Funt out:cool:
  6. Lucrum


    I can't find the cord that connects my camera/phone to the computer.

    Nor can I find the directions on how to upload pics if I did.


    And why is you pic so fuzzy?

    You weren't choking your chicken under the overcoat were you?
  7. ghetto booty.

  8. Another Walmart shopper, nice pooper.


  9. Rennaisance Fair high end fart box..


  10. I think it's "Rennick David Carridine" out.

    You keep that up, some broad will coldcock you, and not the way you like.

    But, since you're going to all that trouble, could you crop that tricep (I'm sure there's one in there somewhere) out of that last shot? Looks like somebodies proofing a loaf of whole wheat bread.
    #10     Jun 14, 2009