Cancelled Order (Pink) remained for many days (IB/TWS)

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  1. I have this cancelled order that remains on my TWS screen for three days. IB told me that it would go away after its server reset over night, but it didn't go away. It starts bothering my trading.

    Have you encountered the same behavior? How did you get rid of it?

  2. I only once had it overnight, but not longer...
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    Call IB again and tell them the details - they will eventually figure out the problem if you keep bothering them.
  4. Recent I had the Futures Profit and Loss field in my Account window carried over from day to day. (It should be reset to zero at the start of each day.) It sounds like the problem is similar.

    I opened a chat with Cust Svc and they fixed it in two days.

    You need to tell Cust Svc the details of what the prob is.
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    This happened to me. The order sat on my TWS for days. Finally, after not being able to get through to IB by phone, I sent an email. Tech support replied by email that the order would be cancelled that night when the servers reset. Sure enough, it disappeared from my TWS screen.

    Two days later, the market reached that level and the order was filled. (TWS suddenly showed me short and the fill appeared on my trade log.)

    I now trade with Velocity Futures.
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    mBear: Do tell them ( about this, at least for the benefit of your fellow traders. I assume it was a GTC/GTD order? If there's some procedural flaw that caused them to be able to remove it from your screen while it was still apparently live, they need to know about and fix it.

    If a broker gives you an out (by taking it off your screen, especially after a couple days), they should stand by it.
  7. I exactly have the same situation. Since Monday, I talked to customer service twice, did on-line chat once and e-mailed today. It's still showing up after tonight's reset!

  8. <This happened to me. The order sat on my TWS for days. Finally, after not being able to get through to IB by phone, I sent an email. >

    come on ... I always am able to get though the same day via phone or live chat via the net if I have a problem
  9. Good idea to post such issues here (and/or ET):
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    I have been experiencing this as well lately. I was told IB has a list and that the problem is fairly widespread and will be resolved soon. I had to chat to get an answer as 4 emails went unanswered in the past 10 days.

    These are usually crossups between IB and the exchange. Somewhere, somehow, someone's system loses track of the order and when it expires or is cancelled via TWS, the exchange is unable to confirm the cancellation. It's problematic for two reasons. The most serious is that there may be an order out there that you don't want. Second, it clogs up the TWS for days with lines that won't disappear. I don't do that many orders so it's less of an issue for me than with some of you.

    This has been an issue (off and on) for years. With me, it's exclusively on options and futures options orders. PHLX used to be really bad about it. Now I'm not sure what the real problem might be, but I hope it gets resolved soon.
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