Cancelled at Expo

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by barclayrex, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. I have been advised that the annual "Surf Fest" at the NYC expo has been cancelled this year.

    After 4 consecutive, succesful years--- due to surf being unfairly banned --- the event will be suspended this year.

    Thanks for making it a success over the years.

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  4. surf was a lot nicer guy that some of the a**holes on here that have not been banned yet.
  5. Thanks for giving me another IP to associate your sorry self with, surf!

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    Thank you for the link, Lue crum. Maybe someone else can host the Surf Fest this year? I attended for the last 3 and had a good time at each--even met chicks last time!! Is anyone going to step up to the plate?

    EL rojo
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    But then it wouldn't be the "Smurf Fest" now would it?
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    While smurf is narcissistic and none too bright, there is certainly some truth in that statement.
  9. I'd agree with vhehn's assessment as well. Surf was a poster boy for how not to think about trading, but that doesn't get you banned. I saw the link to Baron's post which you provided, but I never saw any of the spammy activity that precipitated the ban.