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  1. I love that.. the recording of the guy who tried to cancel his aol account.

    I remember when I cancelled my AOL account back in 1998. I see not much has changed over there :D
  2. haha.. good one!

    I remember trying to do that back in 98' as well... oh that sucked...

    felt like going thru the phone and kicking some arse
  3. Link shows nothing but a blank MSN page.
  4. If you're using Firefox (or another non-Microsoft browser) without certain plug-ins installed, just copy & paste the link to MSIE instead.
  5. I saw Vince Ferrari on CNBC this morning before market open.. Looks like CNBC (NBC) wanted to get it's digs in on AOL :D
  6. Doode,
    The cancel specialist(see=salesman) was just trying to figure out the guy's usage. His records indicated over 500 log-on hours. Obviously, he's a heavy internets user, and was trying to upsell him with broadbroad or dsl or whatever.

    The canceller was kinda being a jackoff about it, IMO.

    {can anyone tell I'm employed in a sales capacity?}:)
  7. Customer is always right though.

    He stated clearly he didn't need it, had no use for it and wanted to cancel.

    I think our friend John went over the line....
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    Man, I went thru almost exactly the same thing a few yrs ago. The guy was asking why? What's the problem? What can we do? I was polite and patient at first, but I told the guy that I wasn't interested in explaining anything to him, it wasn't important, my reasons were my own, I just wanted the account canceled. And he went on and on. "I'm just trying to understand what the problem is." At which point I told him HE was the problem, I just wanted to cancel the account, I didn't want to discuss or debate it. After going around and around w/this frigging psycho I ended up screaming into the phone "Cancel the account! JUST CANCEL THE ACCOUNT OR GIVE ME YOUR SUPERVISOR!" Finally he's going thru the process of canceling the thing and he's muttering the whole time about what a grouch I am. It was frigging surreal.

  9. At that point I would simply tell the guy if he doesn't cancel it, I would call my bank and tell them not to honor the charges. I went through this kind of shit with AT+T one time, back in the battle for long distance carriers (ATT vs Sprint vs MCI). They kept asking me for info about the problem.

    Never again.
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