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  1. gerico


    oh my god, have you ever seen an option spread of 1$? It's quite common these days...
    It's not uncommon to place 8-10 orders (including modifications) to obtain a single decent fill...
    Or do you like to throw money from your window?

    #41     Apr 9, 2003
  2. ktm


    Sure, I see the $1 - $2 spreads all day long. I post .10 - .20 inside and wait to get filled. Sometimes I have to move it once or twice, but usually not. I almost never pay the spread, but it happens.

    Maybe you should post another poll. See how many folks routinely post 80 - 100 bid/offers a day without an execution.

    Since I'm the only one engaging you two over this, I'm thinking I may have participated in this discussion way past the sensible stage.

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  3. gerico


    be honest, if you "almost never pay the spread", that means at least 5-10 modifications...
    Consider the cases when you're unable to obtain a decent fill at all... But now you'll have to pay commissions too...
    /And only if you're lucky avoiding PHLX and AMEX where your order will be trapped... /
    be honest. 8-10 cancels per fill is reality.

    #43     Apr 9, 2003
  4. gerico


    But I've appreciated your considerations, I'm open to understand different points of view. Life is all that...
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  5. qdz3


    The point is not for options specifically. If they do this here today, they will do more there tomorrow. The best way is to stop them just like we patriots stop Saddam and terrorists before they attack again.

    Why do they have the authorities to discriminate against people with different financial commitment, investment styles, or even they way they type? Who gave them the authorities? They discriminate some people while favor their buddies from times to times.

    Again, I say this to you. It is not just the cancellation fee. It is that we need to get rid of these f8cks special interest groups. Throw them to jails like we do to their Enron/Wcom buddies.

    F8ck you screw you. Son of b8tch.

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  6. doctoroe


    Gee have any Enron or Worldcom folks gone to jail yet?
    Hope so.. Did I miss some?
    #46     Apr 10, 2003
  7. qdz3


    all f8cks deserve to die.

    #47     Apr 10, 2003