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    #1 Fuck em.

    #2 CCP STEALS an est. 300-500 Billion, PER YEAR, from USA, in terms of IP theft. That's ~3-5 TRILLION PER DECADE. Or ~12 Trillion over the last 30 years. AND THATS JUST THEFT FROM USA. Add Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, South Korea etc etc and China steals north of 1 Trillion USD a year, from advanced economies, in terms of IP theft.

    #3 Serves em right. What goes around comes around btches (see above).

    #4 Wtf are they gonna do?

    That's the beauty of it all. They stole from us, and we can simply steal (a small portion of it) back. It's beautiful. Fuck the CCP. That's all I'm saying. Put Xi's head on a spike and tell Munuchin to cancel those CUSIP ID numbers. We can do anything we want. It's all electronic.

    Notice the China Cheerleaders say its fine when China rapes the world, but its wrong to rape China.... ??????! I say a good raping is in order. Xi, bend that pretty ass over.

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  2. Nobert


    The benefit's of doing that now, is less valuable than the rep damage and benefits in the future.

    Beside, bonds is an illusion, when you can print em green.

    But i like the attitude and the sun is bright this morning :)

    ,,Are you sure about the bonds ?'' :

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  3. MrMuppet


    Grab your banjo and your sister and crawl back to your swamp, mouthbreather
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  4. MichalTr


    China is stealing ?? China ??

    What about USA ? your biggest money printing in history - what is that, in your opinion ?
    You are stealing value from all the world from very long time. Printing US dollars is nothing else then stealing money from other countries and from people on the streets.

    The whole economy is a system of connected vessels.
  5. Agree, both sides bad.

    We should slowly and quitely get away from CCP. Gross nasty learn from this change the world, some or most things would get very expensive aka true costs
  6. What is the cost we are paying now, has CCP come forward to say we caused this let us at least try to pay for there ineptness...
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    Lmaooo... I say we do it as a one off. Explicitly state its direct compensation for decades of IP theft. Where will the worlds money go? Into Chinese bonds? Bunds? We still numero uno.

    Not only that, but we squeeze the CCP badly. They have massive USD cash flow problems. Let those thieves sink to the bottom of their own cesspit. Pull their unaudited corps from all US listed exchanges. They get a waiver from GAAP rules? LOL Buck stops here. Let them have it. CCP is a bunch of frauds, thieves and murderers. Check out the Ughurs. Maybe the WU-FLU originated there. Wet meat market in those Ughur camps. But CHEEEEE SOOO GOOOOOOOOOO

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    Do you even have a basic understanding of what's required for a trade imbalance to work from a macro point of view. Actually let's go back a step, do you even know what macroeconomics is, let alone anything about it? This has got to be one of the most asinine and idiotic posts on ET this week, and there have been quite a few so that's quite an accomplishment!
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    Senator Josh Hawely says #MakeChinaPay. After we defrock Ping Pong over a barrel. Calls for international investigation and payment for USA losses....!!!!

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