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    Anyone that loves to be in and out the markets and needs to discuss their development ,good trades ,bad trades,learnings and yearnings-keep it to market topics and we can shoot the breeze for hours:) :p :cool: :D
  2. I am currently residing in Calgary, any traders from Alberta?
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    It doesn't matter to me where you are from.I've followed the markets for nearly 3 years ,I learned on my own(whatever I think that I know). I've read a few books and have only recently began trading -finding the need and filling the gap so to speak-all of your advice is welcomed if in good taste. I am 38yrs old,somewhat childish on occasion blah blah blah. Hope to hear from you.:)
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    Another calgarian here. I know there is at least one other calgarian on elite.
  5. reading everything that i possibly can. More on the psychology side... I believe if you can control the emotional aspect of trading - you're on your way...

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    Prarie boy here. I've been trading full time for two years and before that off and on as a hobby since '94 while I worked as a firefighter/paramedic in Yellowknife.
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    Can any of you recommend any reading and are you all trading full time and eating , that is my goal. I've been taking time off to watch level II and charts , learning, adding a second monitor-love it with a passion,fuels my soul.:p :) :D . Underground trader has two books out that quite helpful.
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    I am also from Calgary. There seems to be a few of us on ET.
    Mostly doing position trades with a small account at IB.
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    I am in Calgary, and new to ET.

    I license systems to a firm in Vancouver.
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