Canadians - Dell E228WFP 22" Flat Panel

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  1. Now this seems like a pretty good deal -

    My Dell email alert says $299 shipped for this on Dec. 26th and 27th.

    Anyone have any experience with this monitor? The weird thing is that 'E228WFP' doesn't return a lot of hits at the different tech sites.

    I assume a TN panel, so limited viewing angle. I am not a gamer and would make this the central monitor of a 3 monitor array so I would be viewing it head on.

    I don't think this is a premium monitor but for $299 CDN?? Shipped? For a non-gamer who won't be using it to watch movies or anything else like that?
  2. I got the same email concerning the deal from Dell Canada today but I already bought their E207WFP last week for $270 +tx when they had 12 days of deals thing running. It's a great monitor (incredibly fast response time even for gaming and crisp graphics; it's still on sale for $280) and I highly recommend it but I can't belive that if I had waited 2 more weeks I could've added another 2 inches to the screen for just 30 more bucks!
  3. It's so new, hasn't had much time to be reviewed.
  4. I couldn't actually click on the E228 deal in the email alert I received. I could click on all the other deals...

    I also can't click on the E228 deal on this page - scroll to the bottom and the deal is listed but you can't click on the text.

    So how does this work... on Dec 26th at 6:00 a.m. does the price just automatically change at the website? That is, if I simply do a search for this item at, will it come up with the right price? Or, do I have to click through to it from a specific link?

    Thanks, never done one of these Dell deals before.
  5. The price will change automatically on all of Dell sites. You don't have to click on a specific link at all.

    Have fun with that biggie, I envy you! :p
  6. Thanks JLS... I will be on there at 6:01 a.m. putting the order in :)
  7. Just FYI... deal is accessible now at
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    Can you move the entire monitor 90 degrees? Not sure which dells are able to do that.
  9. I've got the same panel in a Viewsonic bezel... not top quality but cant go wrong for the price/performance real estate
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