Canadians angered over "Buy American" rule

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  1. WHISTLER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Canadian municipal leaders threatened to retaliate against the "Buy America" movement in the United States on Saturday, warning trade restrictions will hurt both countries' economies.

    The Federation of Canadian Municipalities endorsed a controversial proposal to support communities that refuse to buy products from countries that put trade restrictions on products and services from Canada.

    The measure is a response to a provision in the U.S. economic stimulus package passed by Congress in February that says public works projects should use iron, steel and other goods made in the United States.
  2. Yep, but keep close touch to how the situation will be solved, because I have a suspicion Canada will get screwed over on this, like in many other areas lately.
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    Tit for tat. I'm surprised we didn't do anything about it sooner. Not like it really matters, not like we have the clout on the world stage for it to make a difference. :)

    At the end of the day, you still want our beavertails, our beer, and our women.
  4. What does "should use" actually mean, in practical terms?
  5. I propably should keep my mouth shut... but this American doesn't like it either. It smacks in the face of capitalism and free markets. Worse, it could set the stage for protection wars around the globe. This would be real bad. But then we can hope other nations would realize this is bad policy and only respond tit for tat against the US, as such things probably would not get too bad globaly.

    And why this would apply to some of our best trading partners, like Canada? Me not know why the powers that be do what they do. We can only hope they pull their heads out from their nether region and get it together.
  6. It's a bit of a red herring. Wal-mart is full of non-american goods that support the communist china regime.

    Oh, and the chinese just bought Hummer (a troop movement vehicle company). Now, just what would china want a TROOP MOVEMENT VEHICLE company for...think sheeple, think...

    Looks like they wish to destract us and pit one against another. This time, USA vs. Cad. Do not fall for it.
  7. Nice call Mom0. I have Toronto Terror-lover2 on ignore (of course) but I saw you quoted him. No surprise that he's looking for someone else to blame for his bad outcomes (again).

    As a Canadian who loves what the U.S. represents, and who grew up in Western Canada, I have some experience of what can happen when the U.S. puts its protectionist hat on. Just ask the guys in the softwood lumber industry.

    Good to see a few our neighbours to the south coming out against protectionists sentiment.
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    Glad to hear that someone moved to Canada! I love the US, but must admit that we are alot better off now. Although the US is our largest trading partner, we are actually less reliant of them than previously.

    In Western Canada, there is the Chinese trade initiative....they will want our raw materials. The US is in a desperate situation....perhaps we are better off looking elsewhere.
  9. you do realize that a hummer is a different vehicle than a humvee and is made by different companies.

    All hummers can move are rappers/blonds in socal/dentists

    read up please......

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