Canadian unemployment slips to 7.7 per cent in March; full-time employment rises

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    "Canada's impressive recent string of job gains came to an abrupt end last month as the economy actually shed 1,500 jobs for the first time since last September, although the month did produce a big gain in full-time employment."

    "The small amount of jobs losses is considered statistically irrelevant by economists, although it did reverse strong gains the previous three months that saw employment rise by 38,000 jobs a month on average."

    "...hours worked rebounded in March by rising 0.5 per cent..."

    Bank of Montreal deputy chief economist Douglas Porter said the overall report was more neutral than negative.

    "While the results are no ball of fire, the big increase in full-time jobs, the rise in hours worked, a small uptick in average wages, and the dip in the jobless rate are all consistent with underlying improvement in the labour market," he said.

    "The big increase in full-time jobs brought gains in that category to 251,000 over the past 12 months, compared to a 54,000 increase in part-time employment during the period."
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    Much bigger?

    In Canada there are 3,849,670 square miles
    In The United States there are 3,794,083 square miles including inland water
    For America…
    For Canada
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