Canadian Trading on Europeon markets.

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    Are there any remote prop firms that allow you to trade on the euro equity markets & or futures? List any firms that you know of with details, thank you.

    If there was a firm that will give high payout, volume based commish, & regulated that would be great! Reason why I'm asking is because I shouldn't quit my day job so it makes sense to sharpin my skills in the AM. (West coast euro markets should be open ~12-1am.

    Thanks again.
  2. for equities: vtrader, swift, wts

    futures: vtrader

    if anyone knows of any others i'd be interested as well. specifically xetra/euronext.
  3. just kinda curious about trading on the European markets... what are the commissions. IB's in .08% of market value. that seems way to high to expect to make a profit. Are commissions lower at these firms
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    swift isn't an option, I'm not new to trading. Is WTS 10k min deposit or is that only for group? Anyone know the starting comish/payout rate?
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    Yeah... IB will not cut it. Actually looking for a prop firm here, no retail.
  6. I am also shopping for a retail or prop for day trading the European market as well. But failed to find a right one so far....

    The commissions charged by IB is too high for day trading...
  7. What are typical commissions for European stocks with Vtrader and Wts ?

    website of WTS ?

  8. Neither one of those trade European stocks.

    Also, most Euro stocks have a 'wide' bid/ask, are low volume & not very suitable to daytrading in current environment.

    There are some good prop firms out there but fees are high and will usually want $100k deposit. Also, execution platforms are pricey. Even more difficult for those in US.
  9. Swift Trade has access to ALL European markets with low transaction fees and access to large pool of capital.
  10. SwiftTrade is now back in its haydays.
    It just hired 3 traders from wall street firms, one was a cash trader at citi, 1 equity flow sales at deutsche, 1 program trader at ubs.

    Swift Trade is planning to offer investment banking services to middle market companies as well.
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