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  1. HI there I was just wondering if anyone out here has a take on questtrade or any other canadian prop firm that might help me make a decision.

    I would like to create relationships with some canadian traders and maybe start talking strategy about firms to trading.

    Thanks hope to hear from some people out there.
  2. I currently am looking into questrade myself. However, I do not like the fact that I have to pay $125.00 per month for CyberTrader Pro Advanced (which allows 20 stocks to be tracked at one time).
  3. Tradefox


    I am also looking into quest trade myself as we speak.
  4. RaptorTrader:

    Haven't tried questrade personally, but would also like to share ideas with fellow Canadians.


    Why are you posting on this thread ? Dont like Canadians, then save your comments for the chat section.
  5. - quite simply our most successful group (3 locatons).

  6. Chagi


    I'm going to be looking into Questrade as well, I'm not aware of very many Canadian prop firms, and even fewer that allow remote trading.
  7. bonds


    i traded with questrade for a while... im at my 4th prop frim right now and would rate questrade probably third out of the four.
  8. GGSAE


    I trade quest retail so i can't comment about it's prop operations.

    However, I can say i'm very satisfied with questrade in my almost two years of using them. The only complaint is that trades can be a bit costly (trading stocks).
    The cybertrader platform is really solid, excellent customer service, very well-run organisation.
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    There is a company in Montreal that is opening in January called CFT. I start their in Feb. 3000 sq ft.
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    Do you know who they are clearing???
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