Canadian Traders, start your engines

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ctrader, May 30, 2002.

  1. ctrader


    June 1, IB will start accepting canadian clients.

    Who here is canadian, and will be opening an account with them?

    I'm first!
  2. I'm not Canadian, but if I was I'd be crazy with delight. Especially after the whole saga of getting approval.

    Now you can see how the other half lives. :)

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Bhodee


    I'm waiting for my email, funds ready to wire :D
  4. Nissix


    who is there clearing house for us canadians?
  5. whowah


    Have any of you Canadian Traders opened accounts with IB and traded with them? If you how have you found them?
  6. cameleon


    funds were in , but no trading today........always end-up with this not allowed box , no trade permited,account requirements..........

    is anybody here had the same problem!
  7. Did you speak with anyone there...what was their response to your message....
  8. cameleon


    the account was ok! a little bug with their system.........a friend of mine faced-up the same problem since 2 days...........

    i agree about opportunities..........they look endless!
  9. cameleon


    what is their reputation out there!
  10. Apparently - very good...think there's reviews about and postings about them...US though...maybe to early to tell about the Canadian arm...only time will tell. But you can't beat them commissions.:D
    #10     Jun 6, 2002