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    I am posting this again because this is not spam. I am not associated with the contest. I just created a group for us canadian traders to trade in. Also this contest gives free access to canadian research. And lets you win a volvo if you can beat the market

    Moderator, if you remove my posts, at least drop me a pm telling me why you did.

    You have been invited to join a private ScotiaMcLeod Direct Investing Online Test Drive created by ctrader.

    Please use the following Group ID to register as part of WealthyBoomer Group.

    The Group ID is: 60600

    Key points about the Online Test Drive: - You will be given a $100,000 fictional portfolio - You can buy and sell equities listed on the TSX, TSX Venture Exchange, NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ. You can also place option trades on ME, CBOE, AMEX, PHLX and PSE. - You can perform sophisticated strategies like short selling, stop loss and limit orders and purchasing on margin - Commission schedules, dividends and stock splits are all incorporated into the Program

    The name of this private Challenge is WealthyBoomer. If you would like to participate, register yourself in this Group using the Group ID below and go to and make sure to enter your Group ID.#.