Canadian tax authorities assasinating tax cheats

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  1. IRS is coming for you tax evaders

    British banker in coma after being shot in the head in execution-style hit in Bahamas

    By Sharon Churcher
    Last updated at 9:15 AM on 26th April 2009

    Clinging to life: Hywel Jones is in a coma after undergoing surgery for two bullet wounds to the head

    A British banker was being guarded by police in a hospital in the Bahamas last night after an execution-style shooting left him in a coma.

    Hywel Jones, 55, had recently told a friend he feared for his safety following an attack a few weeks ago in which he was ambushed and beaten.

    The wealthy financier was shot in the head on Wednesday by a gunman as he arrived at his offices in Nassau and was last night in a critical condition.

    According to reports, Welsh-born Mr Jones is the former partner of a local politician who has been interviewed by Canadian investigators about an alleged tax fraud, although he has not been linked to any wrongdoing.

    However, police believe Mr Jones was not a random target.

    A friend, U.S.-based financial journalist David Marchant, said: 'Hywel was very concerned about his safety. He had been beaten up by two people a few weeks earlier, which had shaken him up.'

    The Canadian inquiry is centred on a charitable foundation allegedly used by affluent investors in a tax avoidance scheme.

    The authorities have reportedly connected a Bahamas-based insurance company owned by Mr Jones to the foundation.
    Britannia Consulting Group

    Bloody scene: This is where Mr Jones was gunned down as he arrived for work at Britannia Consulting Group

    Local politician Lester Turnquest, who is a former associate of Mr Jones, confirmed he was interviewed by Canadian investigators who recently flew to the tropical island.

    'They knew things about the transactions and about former associates that I did not even know,' he said.

    Witnesses said a gunman shot Mr Jones in the back of the head as he got out of his car, then made his getaway on a motorcycle.

    Ambush: The banker feared for his life in Nassau in the Bahamas, after being attacked a few weeks ago

    Detectives have not yet established a motive for the attack but they said they believe the gunman was lying in wait for Mr Jones.

    'He is unresponsive,' said police spokesman Leon Bethel.

    'I visited him but have not been able to interview him.

    'We have officers there and we are going to allow them to remain for some time.'
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    Remind me to avoid tax avoidance schemes, money laundering, getting paid off in drugs is a classic mess too.. getting shot in the head sort of cancels out all the upside...
  3. After reading this...
    I'm starting to worry about the meth lab in my basement.
  4. Definitely time to put you on ignore...
  5. Don't worry, be happy. If they come, just tell them it's a Jihad lab and they'll apologize and leave.
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    Surprised more of this hasn't been happening lately. If someone scammed me big time, like Madoff, et cetera, I would consider hiring a pro .... especially if the scammer is out of the country, in a crime-friendly place. Improves the odds of getting away with it. What, like, the Bahamas is going to extradite me from my native country, whether US or Canada? Not likely. Keep that in mind if you set up shop in a tax haven and like to rob Russians, Mafia guys from Fort Lauderdale, Columbians, et cetera. Wonder what Al Stanford is thinking about this?