Canadian Stocks - Multibaggers

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Sikhinvestor, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Please use this post to suggest potential multibaggers that are trading on the tsx, venture exchange.

    1. West Jet Airlines
    Discount airline carrier, been moving up this year quite heavily. I think its one of the most satisfying airlines that I have travelled on, the flight stewards all try to enjoy their time, and it shows from the service.
  2. PIX.V

    Got in at 22 cents US. Now at CDN$1.51! Could easily go to $4. Pretty happy about this one.
  3. BRE.X
  4. Haha good one.

    Currently in EQN on TSX.
  5. Chausey



    Drilling for oil in Tennessee in a high pressure deposit. Land obtained recently around the well and now news of completed casing and well pressure results before the end of Nov. Management has sold shares, done a private placement with themselves and reissued stock options. That's the way the game is played on the venture exchange, but they have something here because this area is proven because the last company to drill this blew out the well spewing 12 thousand barrels per day.