## Canadian Stocks Markets ? Stay Away from IB ##

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by RObert730, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. RObert730


    IB has always problems of delays with this market

    TSE/TSX .... no way

  2. ok, great info, we will.
  3. neutrade


    I have not noticed delays trading (mostly) mining juniors on the Venture. I've been quite pleased with the fills.
  4. gekko


    I have some minor issues RE: delays, but all and all, there are no brokers that offers more value than IB in Canada.

    Considering the alternatives in this country, I am prepared to learn to "work" with IB shortcomings. There is a lot worse than IB out there...
  5. Can you give us some specifics about what problems you encountered, and how IB responded when you complained about them? Or did you just create your brand new EliteTrader alias, and devote your very first posting to vague and unsupported attacks on IB, because you are shilling for one of IB's competitors?
  6. zdreg


    I have the London Bridge and/or the Brooklyn Bridge for sale real cheap.

    it was RO... 1st post. you came to the conclusion that the info was correct without investigating.
    what does that say about you?
  7. TSX Venture MARKET orders cannot drop price by more than .01 after which it posts as NBO limit. Not sure if it's only for the penny stocks on the Venture. I guess they don't want you to crash the market on a thin book. TSX rule.
  8. RObert730


    The problem is on TSE DATAFEED ( ALL STOCKS )

    #JUST NOW#, 2 minutes and 26 seconds delay

    Index work fine ( CDE futures work fine ) but stocks is a BIG problem
  9. mskl


    unfortunately this is an ongoing issue. be careful.
  10. RObert730


    But i have a dude

    This is an IB Issues or TSE issues ????

    Please tell me !!!!
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