Canadian Securities?

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  1. Hey guys

    Does anyone have their Canadian securities? I am going to be writing it in a few weeks and was curious if anyone could answer a few questions.

    Can you give me an example of the type of question found on the test? Is it spread out pretty even, or does it focus on one thing more than the other?

    Did you find it hard, or pretty straight forward?

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    Multiple choice, wording can be tricky (make sure you read the question) and yes, it will be hard if you don't study. Good luck.
  3. Hey,

    I wrote it back in the summer. There should be practice questions available online at the CSI site. The questions there are pretty similar to the questions actually posed on the two tests.

    As for distribution of the questions, it is not totally equal. I don't remember the percentage of the top of my head but it should be contained in the info they sent you when you got your package. If you still have it of course. :p

    It shouldn't be too difficult as long as you study and do some practice questions. They have practice exams that you can buy (for $100 cdn or so) but I don't know how useful they are since I didn't bother getting them.

    Hope that helps
  4. You can buy the CSI securities exam workbook fastrack study guide at chapters its by wiley and is $50 no idea on how useful it is, im still working on finding time to study for the test
  5. Actually I'm curious why you are doing it. All it seems good for is for you to sell stuff.
    MF, stocks, bonds...

    Do you need it for your job?

    ps. I don't have it. Just curious on the why.
  6. I have my CSC -- if you trade then you'll breeze by the exam.

    Best of luck
  7. Thank you all for the reply!

    I am going to go pick up the book right now to get started. I am taking it from Ashton business school. They offer it in a 12week program.

    Thanks again guys!
  8. I was wondering also about this exam.

    What is the price of passing this exam ? Do you really have to attend a class to pass it or can it be done by self studying the book you gave us the name ?

    Thanks (from Montreal)
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    I can't speak for the original poster, but many of the finance related jobs that I see posted are looking for someone to complete their CSC shortly after starting with the company (if they haven't already finished it). The jobs I'm referring to generally related to investments, so if you want to work for a bank and have anything to do with mutual funds etc., you need to have the CSC (as a minimum).
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