(Canadian Resident) Best Broker for HOT KEYS and Shorting?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by trader39116, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm a Canadian resident and was wondering which broker has the best hot key software and the fastest also one that can get shorting shares filled.

    Thank you,
  2. deaddog


    Probably IB.
  3. IB has such high fees though. if you have tier at 0.0035 per share cost. when you buy 10,000 shares it costs $35 commission fee just to buy and sell it.

    anyone tried CMEG?
  4. If you pay zero commission but the HFT gives you an execution .005 worse or miss a trade, you are out $50. You could also try to provide liquidity to get liquidity rebates with IB.

    If you put it in perspective at .0035 a share, you can scalp for a penny and still be up roughly .003 per round turn.

    Also, are you borrowing? If so, who has better rates?
  5. SanMiguel


    There is a 1% max fee. Depends on the stock you trade
  6. lets say i buy a 2$ stock, 10,000 shares. for day trade. thast 35$ to sell plus 35$ to buy = 70$

    1% of $20,000 (2*10000) is $200 max fee you can pay. since 70$ is less than $200 ill be paying 70$ fee.

    70$ fee is insane just to buy and sell a stock.

    thats why im trying to find a broker thats reasonable fee with the hots keys and good shorting inventory.
  7. deaddog


    I moved to Questrade for that reason. My trading commissions at IB were exceeding the flat fee charged by Questrade.

    I'm a swing trader and don't need the data feeds available but for a day trader the fees are refundable if you spend more than 400 bucks in commission per month.

    Questrade also has SEC and ECN fees that have to be considered.
  8. Does Questtrade have any good hot keys and a nice shorting inventory?

    I am a daytrader and sometimes i trade really volatile stock i need a easy to use system to buy and sell fast. How fast can u fill your buy and sell orders in questrade?

  9. deaddog


    You would have to look at their trading platform to see if it would fit your style.

    As for shorting inventory you will have to ask Questrade. The answer is only a phone call away.

    My orders have always been filled in a timely manner but I'm not day trading. I'm usually entering a position on a stop limit order.