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    I tried looking through these threads a couple times, I'm new to this so maybe that's why I can't find the info. It seems US prop firms require a license to trade, with neither a Canadian or US license I'll need a Canadian firm. I've worked with futures lately but any asset with a normal chart and good volume should work. Prefer to trade remotely but if there's an advantage or very good reason to fight my way into an office everyday that may be an option (Toronto area).

    My trading style is discretionary and has been giving me very good results in sim. I know the usual arguments on that. I have traded live and know the feelings of both winning and losing. I pressure myself as if I'm trading live, it's not exactly the same, but I do my best and don't treat the results lightly. My style tends to avoid taking a loss if possible, so occasionally a trade may go about 1%-2% BP against me before turning around. I'm working on this, but if there's something to be concerned about this is probably it. The benefit is fewer losses, above average returns.

    My preference would be to show someone what I can do rather than put capital in capital up front. To prove it if there are reasonable hoops to jump through, I should be able to. From everything I've read so far is fine with one exception, stories of very tight stops to start a trader off. That might work but also may not exactly suit my current style. I would have to re-adjust towards a scalping attitude where I take whatever quick profits come my way, depending on the exact requirements. I can be flexible in other words.

    Being new if there is more info needed let me know. Thank you in advance to anyone who replies.
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    I know there are a few firms in the Toronto area that allow remote trading. But for the most part they will ask for an advance of 6 months of the software fee then let you trade not sure if that is what you are looking for or not. If it is just let me know and i will give you a list of the firms I know of
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    Could you either post the list or pm me with it.

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    I would appreciate a list as well please. Thanks