Canadian Quotes Down??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by CasinoKid, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Can someone tell me why th quotes for all canadaian companies, including the TSX are down?? Im sure its not a holliday here.
  2. oatmeals


    TORONTO - Canadian investors are in the dark this morning as a technical glitch prevents the Toronto stock market from processing data.
  3. Nick54


    TD and CIBC are down. I tried to call TD but the lines are all busy.
  4. TSX quotes are unavailbale here's the link from their website.

    Lol thats incredible. Im sure that all call centres are getting bombarded by call right now.
  5. oatmeals


    one and a half hours after and still down :confused:
  6. We have all this energy data out today and gold making a strong move. Its frustrating not having access. I bet you all those people at tsx and the trading floors are freaking out and running around in circles right now. lol