Canadian Prop Firms (Remote Trading)

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Kris, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Kris


    Hi guys, what are the best prop firms in Canada for remote trading these days? I'm an experienced trader, I left a few years ago when volatility subsided but I'm interested in trading again now that volatility is creeping back in.
  2. Hi Kris,

    i am an experienced trader from Montreal.
    I have experience with the majority of the firms.
    Let me know excatly what you are looking for?

  3. VPhantom


    I know of a few floors but not many offer remote. Bright's long gone I believe. WTS (the non-US version) is still around. Often recommended is still JC Trading Group. It'll be interesting to see if someone comes up with anything more.
  4. Kris


    I talked to JC Trading, they only take US people but they referred me to

    Do any of you trade with Nevis?
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  6. Xela


    Curiosity compels a little question, if you don't mind, Kris: if you're looking for remote trading, why would you want to limit the prop firm possibilities to one specific country? :confused:
  7. Hooter


    Do you know anything about TradeZero?
  8. VPhantom


    Quick note: these guys aren't Canadian, they're in the Caribbean, so we're straying off-topic here. (Although there isn't as much activity as I hoped in this thread.)

    Wow, they're in business? I remember dismissing them outright last year based on their web site (or lack thereof). ;) I'll be curious to hear any reports about them.

    Since OP is a no-show I'll venture a guess: taxes and regulations. It's easier to deal with an in-country brokerage come year end, not to mention deposit protection (CDIC/CIPF).
  9. JTMAN


    Recent issue with Nevis:

    The Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Nevis Branch has recently been made aware that an unlicenced broker dealer, the Nevis Trading Group, LLC may be involved in fraudulent activity (see Please be informed that the Nevis Trading Group, LLC and its affiliates are not and were never licensed by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Nevis Branch to carry on any insurance business including brokerage in or from within the Jurisdiction.
  10. JC Trading doesn't even have an address listed on their site- that alone is already a big red flag,
    i would love to find a decent prop shop and will be happy to pay 20% of my profits, but i dont rush to jump in the water.
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