Canadian Prime Minister says to use Alien Technology

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  1. We have had this technology for 50 years but is locked away in government vaults . What happens when it finally comes out??


    OTTAWA (AFP) - A former Canadian defense minister is demanding governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies obtained in alleged UFO crashes to stem climate change, a local paper said Wednesday.

    "I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation ... that could be a way to save our planet," Paul Hellyer, 83, told the Ottawa Citizen.

    Alien spacecrafts would have traveled vast distances to reach Earth, and so must be equipped with advanced propulsion systems or used exceptional fuels, he told the newspaper.

    Such alien technologies could offer humanity alternatives to fossil fuels, he said, pointing to the enigmatic 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico -- which has become a shrine for UFO believers -- as an example of alien contact.

    "We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough," he said.

    Hellyer became defense minister in former prime minister Lester Pearson's cabinet in 1963, and oversaw the controversial integration and unification of Canada's army, air force and navy into the Canadian Forces.

    He shocked Canadians in September 2005 by announcing he once saw a UFO.
  2. Which one of the McKenzie Brothers was that any way? Eh?

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    Maybe this guy and Gore should go to Roswell and chant around the campfire with their tin foil hats on to call in the aliens.

    This global warming crap is getting way out of hand.

    BTW, I'm selling my carbon offset for 100K per year. Any takers? PM me and I'll send my wire transfer information.
  4. Best place to hide secrets is out in the open. That way everyone thinks your a nut.

  5. The return of Harry Trader? :p
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    he is not alone.
    List of witnesses
    Partial list of witnesses who came forward [1]

    Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut
    Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Vatican theologian
    FAA Division Chief John Callahan, ex-Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA, Washington DC [1]
    Sgt. Chuck Sorrells, US Air Force (ret.)
    Mr. Michael W. Smith, US Air Force
    Commander Graham Bethune, US Navy (retired)
    Mr. Enrique Kolbeck, Senior Air Traffic Controller
    Dr. Richard Haines, NASA research scientist [2][3]
    Mr. Franklin Carter, US Navy
    Mr. Dan Willis, US Navy
    Mr. Neil Daniels, United Airlines Airline Pilot, ex-Air Force
    Sgt. Robert Blazina (retired)
    Lieutenant Frederick Marshall Fox, US Navy (retired)
    Captain Massimo Poggi, senior 747 captain for Alitalia
    Lieutenant Bob Walker, US Army
    Mr. Don Bockelman, US Army
    Lt. Colonel Dwynne Arneson, US Air Force (retired)
    Professor Robert Jacobs, Lt. US Air Force
    Colonel Ross Dedrickson, US Air Force (ret.)/AEC
    Harry Allen Jordan, US Navy
    Mr. James Kopf, US Navy/ National Security Agency
    Lieutenant Colonel Joe Wojtecki, Strategic Air Command and Tactical Air Command
    Staff Sergeant Stoney Campbell, US Air Force
    Astronaut Gordon Cooper
    Brigadier General Steven Lovekin, Esq., White House Army Signaling Agency [4]
    Merle Shane McDow, US Navy Atlantic Command
    Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown (retired), US Air Force
    Dr. Carol Rosin, manager, Fairchild Industries
    "Dr. B.", scientist and engineer who has worked on top-secret projects
    Lance Corporal John Weygandt, Marine Corp
    Mr. Nick Pope, British Ministry Of Defense
    Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, five-star Admiral and the former Head of the British Ministry of Defense
    Security Officer Larry Warren, US Air Force
    Captain Lori Rehfeldt, British Royal Air Force
    Sergeant Clifford Stone, United States Army
    Major-General Vasily Alexeyev, Space Communications Center, Russia
    Master Sergeant Dan Morris, USAF (Retired)/ NRO Operative
    Mr. Don Phillips, Lockheed Skunkworks, USAF, and CIA Contractor
    Captain Bill Uhouse, US Marine Corps (ret.)
    Lieutenant Colonel John Williams, Air Force rescue helicopter pilot
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    Its ironic how many Darwinists are UFO skeptics.

  8. Seeing a ufo is no big deal. Tons of people have seen them.

    I saw them once over the ocean off the coast in Carlsbad, Ca. They were military practicing maneuvers, not ET's. ET's don't come dozens of light years to do hook slides and doughnuts in our atmosphere.

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    lol, they could be dumping their waste in our atmosphere. That's why they do a doughnut and get out of town.
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    Aliens probably use fuel not found in our planetary system. And we have nuclear technology to generate energy.
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