Canadian Prairies Outlook Remains Good ( Thursday 07/26/2012 ).

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    Thursday 07/26/2012

    Canadian Prairies Outlook Remains Good

    The outlook for crops across the Canadian Prairies continues to remain favorable as we move into the second half of summer. Warm temperatures and adequate rainfall have aided in bringing crop progress to normal levels if not ahead of schedule in some areas. Problems are confined to limited areas with wetter than normal conditions for parts of east-central Alberta to western Saskatchewan and central Manitoba. Some hot weather across the southern Prairies during the past week may have stressed crops a little but no major problems have been reported.

    Rainfall so far during the month of July continues to be normal to above normal for most regions with below normal amounts being reported only across far northwest Alberta, southern Saskatchewan, and parts of southwest Manitoba. The scattered nature of summer showers can also leave one farm with plenty rain while nearby areas stay dry.

    Alberta farmers are rating most crops in the good to excellent category after mostly good to excellent weather conditions so far in July. Soil moisture conditions are estimated to be good to excellent across most of the province despite a little less rainfall across northern and far southeastern areas. Stored up moisture from the spring has helped these areas maintain favorable soil moisture levels.

    Rapid advancement of crops has been noted across Saskatchewan during the mid July period with most crop ratings in the good category. A few scattered thunderstorms have brought varying amounts of rainfall with the southern part of the province seeing the least. Soil moisture levels remain adequate to surplus across most of the province at this time.

    Favorable weather conditions continue to help crop advancement and the wheat harvest across Manitoba. 50 to 100 bushels per acre are being reported so far along with good test weights. Some hot weather during the past week has brought on symptoms of heat stress to some crops with yield impact potential yet to be determined. Soil moisture levels remain in good shape for most areas but a little more rain would be welcome across some southern areas.

    The weather outlook for the next week to 10 days remains favorable. Temperatures are expected to average near to above normal with a few days of above normal readings possible, especially across the south. Rainfall may be a little more on the sporadic side and could lead to some loss of soil moisture across some southern areas where hotter temperatures are a greater threat at times during the coming week. All in all the areas with good weather conditions looks to be much greater during the next one to two weeks than those areas with unfavorable conditions.

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