Canadian Prairies Crops Outlook Improves ( Thursday 07/05/2012 ).

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    Thursday 07/05/2012

    Canadian Prairies Crops Outlook Improves

    Periods of cool weather and wetter than normal conditions across Canada's Prairie crop region during much of the spring and early summer has slowed crop development despite a good seeding effort. Recent storms have brought more showers and some windy weather but most reports indicate that the wind had little affect on crops. Most of the wind damage was confined to some lodging of the more advanced crops and to farm infrastructure.
    An improving outlook for developing crops is seen given the current weather forecast. During the next week or two showers are expected to be less frequent along with warmer temperatures. With some areas still showing excess soil moisture the drier outlook is mostly good news. There is some threat that some hotter weather could develop across some southern areas as we move to the second half of next week.

    Crop reports from Alberta at the end of June are showing crop ratings at very good for nearly all areas of the province. Earlier cool and wet weather slowed crop development which is a little behind long term normals. Warm, dry weather would be very helpful and during the next week we may see temperatures move to above normal levels along with limited showers. So far in July rainfall totals have varied from 0.25 to 1.25 inch (6-32 mm) across northern portions of the province while only a few light showers have been reported for southern zones.

    The seeding effort is mostly complete across Saskatchewan but a few farmers were still thinking about seeding some early maturing crops. Soil moisture was rated at 99 percent of either surplus or adequate across the province helped along by rains of 0.40 to 1.25 inch (10 to 32 mm) across the north and 0.25 to 0.50 inch (6-13 mm) south so far during July. Some crop damage has been reported due to flooding and even some hail. Crop ratings were mostly within the fair to good condition across the province at the end of June and crop development was mostly in the normal to a bit behind normal category. Drier and warmer weather during the upcoming week will certainly benefit crop development as well as giving farmers a chance to apply pesticides where needed.

    Manitoba has seen the most beneficial weather for crops so far early this summer. Warmer temperatures and a little less rain than areas to the west have allowed crops to advance in a timely manner. Crops that were impacted by excess moisture a few weeks ago are now recovering with areas still showing moisture stress diminishing. Strong winds last week did little damage to crops but did have some effect on farm infrastructure. A continued pattern of mostly warm weather and less frequent shower activity during the next week to two weeks is favorable for crop development and pesticide application.

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