Canadian Politics Ndp/liberal Party Set To Hijack Prime Minister

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    This is completely outrageous, the liberals and NDP now set to simply steal the position of prime minister, after losing an election only months before. I guess the only time liberals believe in democracy is if they are the ones voted in to power.

    For those who dont understand what is going on yet, the liberal party along with the bloc and the NDP are going to form a coalition government which would then give them more seats in the house than the conservatives. This coalition will be headed by Stephan Dion who just lost a large portion of his seats in the previous election but still somehow is able to weasel his way into being prime minister.

    This is a sad sad day for canada. When democracy doesnt work the way you want it, fuck it, just take control
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    Thunderdog, are you behind this?

  3. Seriously even the liberals probably despise people from canada if they know any.
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    But it is democracy if this is allowed under Canada law. The law allows for several parties to form a coalition and then using it run their agenda, this is my assumption, I know nothing law there.
  5. How the f#$% can you call that democracy??? Guess what every single time there is a minority government from now on it is in the best interests of the three remaining groups to just form a coalition, and overrun the government so now its gonna be better to be second best.

    Harper won the election gaining seats, and Stephan Dion LOST SEATS, in this election, and was on the verge of losing control of the liberal party, now he is our prime minister.

    Just watch how much pork is going to be on every single new piece of legislation. Its open season now on the canadian tax payers.
  6. If I may respond to your question without actually answering it, let me point out that I have an airtight alibi. :D
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    Because this is not a coup. Their legislature allows for vote of no confidence, and thus it it still democratic.
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    Just looks like hardball politics to me.
    If Canada is anything like the US, the conservatives who voice a complaint will simply be ignored by the media and passed off as sore losers.
    If it were conservatives doing it to liberals, however, this is the kind of thing which we constantly hear causes 'blood in the streets' and while 'lamentable' is 'understandable'.

    It will be an object lesson to see the differences between Canada and the US when, after observing how this is handled in Canada, we watch how the Obama birth certificate issue plays out in the US.
  9. I think you should endeavor to familiarize yourself with the parliamentary system of government before working yourself into a froth. You'll save energy and appear less uninformed. Alternatively, you may just choose to remain quiet.
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    The op was in a froth. Your observation as to me being in a froth could probably be considered just another piece of evidence as to why Pabst refers to you as a one lot trader.
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